Friday, 17 October 2014

Slow Cooker Inspiration

As promised, here are some wonderful slow cooker recipes.  Honestly, if you have not been on Pinterest yet, you must check it out just for the recipe ideas.  These are all recipes that I have found on Pinterest.  
For those of you who just have no idea when it comes to slow cookers (and I know you exist because I have spoken to you), keep in mind that you can just throw pretty much any kind of meat in the slow cooker with some kind of sauce and it is a good meal.  Throw in a roast with some carrots and potatoes and a package of onion soup mix and you have a beautiful traditional roast beef dinner. Trust me, I am not a natural born cook (maybe I should add that to the blog title too!) but I can make a "fancy" dinner by throwing some ingredients in a hot pot for a few hours.  It can make that 4 o'clock dinner panic lessen each week. 
Let this be your inspiration for a whole new world of slow cooking.  Please share any recipes that you have enjoyed in the comments section.  Happy cooking!