Sunday, 29 March 2015

12 Good Signs your a Mom of Boys (to name a few)

1.Vacuuming is a game. Even after clean-up, there are little pieces of Lego to avoid and you don't want to suck them up because you know to which masterpiece they belong to
2.You can find your way through the house in the middle of the night because the glow in the dark toys guide you. 
3.Cleaning bathrooms includes wiping down walls, trash cans, cupboards and anything in spraying distance. 
4. Flatulance is a any moment of the day...and is always funny 
5. Your sofa cushions are on the floor more than on the actual sofa
6.Dead bugs...dead anything, really, is the cause of much excitement and discussion
7.You learn that all things can be a sword or a gun 
8.You've said, "get your hands out of your pants" in many situations 
9.You've been peed on...more than once. 
10.Jeans don't last long enough to pass down. 
11.Favourite Bible stories are David and Goliath and Samson and the Lion (not Delilah...the lion) 
12. Even the littlest playful hug is invitation for a wrestling match 

It's fun being a boy-mom!