Friday, 27 September 2013

Never Underestimate the Power of a Colouring Contest

Today we went swimming at our favourite pool.  The boys were delighted to go since they hadn't been there since swimming lessons.  They showed a whole new confidence in the water.  Baby Goo showed too much confidence, which caused a lot of water intake but he smiled all the way through.  This family trip to the pool was not just any trip.  This one was very special.  We were able to enjoy our time because a certain little boy won us a free family pass in a colouring contest.  
I really didn't know how important this colouring contest would be until I received the phone call from the pool congratulating Munch on winning.  I was filled with so much pride and was very excited to tell him about it.  He was elated...not because he won a contest, but because he won something for the family.  What a confidence builder.  What a way to show a child that they can contribute to their family; that they can bring blessing and joy to the people they love.  We had a blast today at the pool but not just because of the awesome kiddie area and the pool noodles but because it was a celebration of a great accomplishment.  Who knew a simple colouring contest could do such a thing?  I will never pass by a colouring contest entry the same way again. 

 One of our budding artist's drawings of Dad (that coloured bulge in the arm is Dad's muscle-as if Dad wasn't totally pleased) 

Our other artist scribbling away with pride. 

Have a great weekend! 

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Autumn fun

I know I already said this but...I LOVE Autumn! This week's Pinterest Best is all about Autumn.
We have a lot of apples around here and are looking for ways to enjoy them. We also have a lot of leaves and broken crayons around and are looking for ways to creatively use them AND we have pumpkin...not a lot but still always trying to find great ways to consume it.  Oh and yes, we have a crock pot. Enjoy!

Thank you, The Skinny Chef

Thank you, Sunny with a Side of Sprinkles

Thank you, Pop Sugar Moms

Pinterest Best Activity of the Week 
Thank you, Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver. -Proverbs 25:11


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The craft closet is complete!

I had the garage sale from all the stuff Nichol and I gathered from the closets.  It was a horrible weather day so I ended up consigning and selling on the Internet.  With the money I made I was able to buy the bins and containers for the craft closet and a few other small things for around the house.  If you are looking for a good price and storage containers, Canadian Tire has great deals weekly.  Nichol tipped me off on shoe box size clear containers at an amazing price.

I bought 10 for $14.  I also went to Target and although had a few trendier items, they were not comparable in price to Canadian Tire.  One great deal at Target right now is a shower caddy. I used it as a house cleaning caddy for both floors.  

Another recommendation is a label maker. Nichol brought one and labeled the craft closet and boys' hangers for size marking.  Ryan just asked me where the label maker went because he needed it for his office.  We will be saving up for one of those babies for sure!  My pantry is the next project and the label maker will be perfect for that.  I won't mix the pancake mix with flour anymore! 

And here it is. Thanks to Nichol Kripki from Nik's Knack Home Organizing, the great transformation. Linen closet to craft closet. 


This was an everything closet.  I was so frustrated with it that I just shoved things in half-hazardly.  We moved the towels into the boys' bathroom and got rid of all the extra bedding and vases that we really didn't need.  That change table that was in the way was sold at the garage sale as well. 

 As you can see, we were able to get a lot more in the closet with some organization and thought.  The boys are able to access their activity books and crayons easily and with the labels, I know where all the craft supplies are can grab and go.  I don't get that scrunched up forehead whenever I open this closet now.  I breathe and enjoy.  

Can I just encourage you to find a friend to help you with your clean up, like my friend Jenn did today OR contact a professional like Nichol.  They are well worth the money!  

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Pinterest Best

Hey friends!

Are you feeling so busy right now?  I am not sure if its the change in season or what but I feel like I am spinning in circles.  Don't forget to take time to sit and rest.
I was going to share the new before and after of the craft closet but Ryan's computer isn't working and it is most frustrating to make a post on an iPad.  So, that can wait. Today, in keeping with school starting, I thought the activity should be learning fun.  I am looking for fun ways to teach Joshua his letters.  I found this great post from The Adventures of Bear

Pinterest has fabulous ways to enhance your child's learning.  There are endless ideas!

I don't know about you but I am exciting for it to cool down a bit.  Here's to warm drinks and comfy sweaters!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

More Favorite Blogs and a Summertime Activity

Several months back, I shared some of my favourite blogs.  Here is a continuation of that, with some of the others that I check out once in awhile.  

The Minimalist Mom">

I love learning from this woman and her family, as they strive to decrease the clutter in their lives and work towards minimalist living.  She is honest and enjoyable.  


Now that I have begun my homeschool journey, I have desired to glean from these mom's who have been educating their children for awhile....lots of great ideas and wisdom.  

The Busy Mom button

This woman is just wise...and transparent.  She is like a virtual mentor in the areas of home management, parenting and homeschooling.   

Mandy picture
House of Rose
This was one of the first blogs that I really got into and the one that inspired me to start blogging.  Her and her husband are making a living just by blogging and love sharing how others can do it.  She has a great sense of style and is a lot of fun.  

Kids Activities 
Need an idea for an activity for your kids? Look no further!  This blog has every idea under the sun.   Every Wednesday other bloggers link in and share their best ideas as well.  It is a must have for those entertaining littles.  

On that note, here is an summertime activity that I found on the Kids Activities blog.  In celebration of it still being wonderfully beautiful outside, I thought I would share some messy fun.  This is from Sense of Wonder.  Enjoy!  

Monday, 2 September 2013

Last day of organizing closets...phew!

I was so grateful for Nichol from Nik's Knack Home Organizing to come and help clean out the closets.  This week, we went through the older boys' closets and made some tough decisions.  There were things that I was holding onto for emotional reasons and Nichol helped me work through that.  I learned that it is not healthy for our home to say yes to peoples' hand-me-downs out of fear of their reaction. I know right? Sounds silly.   "Angela, you just don't have the room or the time to go through it. Don't let it in to your home. You have to say no."  Wise advice.  This is why if there are rooms or closets that need to be cleaned out, it is a great idea to hire someone like Nichol to help you or ask a friend to join you.  There can be some emotional things to work through and when you are alone, it's easy to just ignore them.  When you have someone with you to say,"Hey, that's not going back in there until we deal with the issue.", you can get rid of some REAL baggage.  It was an empowering afternoon.  Here is the wonderful progress we made.

We color coded the boys' hangers so that I know what belongs to who.  They are only 22 months apart and so close in size it's hard to keep it all straight.  Munch is blue and Bubblegum is white. Nichol also used red hangers to separate the sizes.  She used her handy label maker to label the hanger with what size was behind it.   

Here is what I would eventually like to do with the boys' closet. 

Nichol recommends keeping the clothes where the boys can reach them so they can do it themselves.  Keep the clothes you don't want them to get at up higher, out of their reach.
I love the Ikea Expedit shelf look.  These boxes are neat too and you can find them almost anywhere. 

If we had more storage space, I would take the closet doors off and do something like this, with the curtains.  Seems there is more room in doing that. Ahh, one day!