Friday, 27 September 2013

Never Underestimate the Power of a Colouring Contest

Today we went swimming at our favourite pool.  The boys were delighted to go since they hadn't been there since swimming lessons.  They showed a whole new confidence in the water.  Baby Goo showed too much confidence, which caused a lot of water intake but he smiled all the way through.  This family trip to the pool was not just any trip.  This one was very special.  We were able to enjoy our time because a certain little boy won us a free family pass in a colouring contest.  
I really didn't know how important this colouring contest would be until I received the phone call from the pool congratulating Munch on winning.  I was filled with so much pride and was very excited to tell him about it.  He was elated...not because he won a contest, but because he won something for the family.  What a confidence builder.  What a way to show a child that they can contribute to their family; that they can bring blessing and joy to the people they love.  We had a blast today at the pool but not just because of the awesome kiddie area and the pool noodles but because it was a celebration of a great accomplishment.  Who knew a simple colouring contest could do such a thing?  I will never pass by a colouring contest entry the same way again. 

 One of our budding artist's drawings of Dad (that coloured bulge in the arm is Dad's muscle-as if Dad wasn't totally pleased) 

Our other artist scribbling away with pride. 

Have a great weekend! 

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