Saturday, 17 August 2013

Cleaning the closets

Want to feel a little less lighter and less stressed?  Have someone come and help purge your closets.  Nichol, from Nik's Knack Home Organizing dropped by this week and we spent three hours cleaning out our linen closet and Baby Goo's closet.  The one thing she discovered right away with us is that we don't have a home for things.  We have a renter so do not have the use of our basement for storage and we insist on using our garage for our vehicles.  Nichol was kindly and wonderfully ruthless...exactly what a person needs when purging.  I have a lot to give away and sell at the garage sale (which will help pay for new home organizing tools).  Here are the results:

The trouble with our closets are they are just the home builder standard, they don't meet our needs.  This is where the shopping comes in.  Once we removed all of the no longer needed clothes from Baby Goo's closet, we were left with a very clean slate to work with.  

And once we do some shopping, we can make his closet look like this. 

or this

Nichol recommended scheduling times in the year to sort through clothes.  I am going to try August and May, as those are seasonal changes for us. 
Next I will show the great purge of the linen closet, which will soon be transformed into the craft closet.  We sure worked up a sweat but in the end I know I am going to feel so much better about having a place for things...and having less things!  Thank you Nichol! 

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