Wednesday, 14 August 2013

It's a dirty job

Well, the garden saga continues and continues....and...continues. It is quite amazing that those little seeds turn into such a bounty.  Phyllis left me a message a couple days ago saying she picked my beans for me because they were getting too big.  "I just picked them last week!"  Apparently, they need to be picked every second day.  Anyone need green beans? 
While digging up my wonderful carrots with my hands (because I forgot a spade!), I was thinking about the amount of work it takes for something so great.  Good stuff just doesn't come that easy most days, does it?  A marriage, even if it is good, requires work to maintain its goodness or make it even better.  A career, even if its your dream job takes sacrifice and determination. Parenting, even though rewarding, requires a lot of work from sun up to sun down.  My walk with Jesus is amazing but it also requires work, so that I can be more like him and share him with others.  When we see the results of our work we marvel and feel grateful and joyful.  In the moment though, we can be resentful and whiny.  Tonight, I got so dirty pulling those carrots out, pulling leaves off the beets and washing up the lettuce. It was overwhelming and there was so much more I thought I would rather be doing.  However, when I tasted that freshly washed carrot and savoured the roasted beets, I was oh so grateful for the work.  Maybe we need to think about those savour moments in the midst of our heavy work, tedious work, or even monotonous "easy" work.  
Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 
If you are in the trenches right now, not yet seeing the goal; if you are begrudging your work or wondering what it's all for, keep going.  Hold on to the hope of a bountiful harvest.  One day you will be able to savour the results.  

Have a great week. 

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