Thursday, 1 August 2013

Getting Squiters!

One of the first actions our Baby Goo learns is warding off was that serious! 
We have returned from the land of endless mosquitos.  It was a lovely time with boating, reminiscing by the fire, and lots of great food... but we will not miss the buzz of those blood sucking fun stealers.  They are here in Alberta as well but it seems they are a bit more bearable. For our repellent of choice, we settled happily with Off for family (still has Deet but a smaller amount) and had a coil at every door and an Off lantern under the outdoor table.
If you are looking for something a little more natural there are some great recipes out there.    I also heard that Scentsy has a coconut lemongrass lotion that supposedly does the trick and my mom and aunt swear by Bath and Body Works' Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion.

Here's a recipe that another one of my aunts is trying out.

15 drops lavender oil
3 Tbsp vanilla
10 drops of  citronella oil or lemon-eucalyptus oil
1/4 lemon juice

Combine all ingredients above and put in spray bottle. Fill the remainder of bottle with water/witch hazel mix.

One trick that helps best is to stay away from dark clothes.  While sitting around the fire,  it was amusing to witness those in dark clothing slapping and waving crazily while the others in light clothing were not being bothered at all.  
Even if we spray and put out a hundred citronella candles, those little guys will find a way to get in between your third and fourth toe. Grrr.
If that's the case,  then relief is in order.  Again, we were happy with After Bite. The stuff works like a charm.  A girlfriend recommended Lavender Oil and last year we were happy with Tea Tree oil.  One suggestion that seems interesting is the pulpy inside of a banana peel.  That's cheaper than using a crushed up Aspirin, I would say.  Or you can always settle for the finger nail marked X (it only works for a second!).

Regardless of the mosquitos, I hope you are enjoying all that Summer brings.  We are excited for a sunny day to play at Riley of my favorite kiddie pools in Calgary.  Maybe we will see you there!
Happy Long Weekend!


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