Tuesday, 20 August 2013

From linens to crafts

Little tips like, "Why don't you hang up these frames already." and getting rid of the board games that we are sure will never actually get played....are what make Nichol from Nik's Knack the home organization expert!  Check out how she helped me clean out our linen closet, which will soon be a craft closet (need extra bedding and blankets? Come to our garage sale).  

The frames on the shelf are now up and the curtains are next.  Notice I held onto two board games...still hopeful.

This is what I hope the closet to look like next.  

Maybe the Christmas bags taking over the master walk-in closet can find a new home. 

 I think this is my favourite. 

Wow, that's a lot of sewing machines!  I love the idea of the lined tote boxes. 

This week we are tackling the older boys' closet, the craft/utility/dog food/anything else closet on the main floor. Ready to pull up my sleeves on these ones! The before will be embarrassing for me and maybe encouraging for you. 
Until then...

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