Sunday, 4 August 2013

"Oh my, she's really religious." A rant.

It truly baffles me when I receive comments in regards to my seemingly fanatical relationship with Jesus.  It baffles me so much....I gotta rant. 
I did not join a church.  If it was about going to a building once a week to meet with a bunch of boring hypocrites to sing hymns about a mean God who made a book of rules that are impossible and not fun to follow I would have been gone on day 1.  I have been forgiven and set free from my sins, which include my selfishness, my insensitive ways, my insecurity, my bad habits and my self righteousness, to name a few.  Who can kid themselves and say they are good all the time in deed AND thought.  Sin is not a scale. You are either sin or you don't.  I sin.  God knew that and left His wonderful paradise to spend time with his creation, tell them He has a way and then made the way for us to be free from that sin.  When he looks at me, he sees Jesus...perfect, wonderful, never thought a hateful thought or uttered a bad word Jesus! hallelujah!  
If this was not the real deal I would have quit a long time ago.  I have had over 20 different jobs, lived in 4 different cities and 10 different homes, I get moments of pure genius ideas only to realize they were not well thought out or reasonable.  I can't leave Jesus.  He told the truth when he said he was THE way, THE truth and THE life.  I have overcome great tribulations, faced persecution and rejection, witnessed lives transformed in ways the world could not explain because God is real, He loves me and lives in me, through the Holy Spirit and I am a part of a, yes imperfect and growing, but vibrant community of Jesus lovers. 
Why do I need to share the gospel?  I believe that Jesus Christ has made the way for people to be reconciled back to their creator and that those who reject him will not be able to enter His kingdom when their time comes.  If I honestly believe that, would that be loving of me to not say something to you??  Even Penn from Penn and Teller (a well known atheist) says it would be rude for a true believing 
Christian to not evangelize to his friends and family.  I am not trying to get you to join the club. In fact, if its just a club you want, you came to the wrong place.  I want you to have more than what you think life is right now.  I want you to find freedom from the hurt in your life, from your own hang ups and from the deception of the world (things like where your value comes from and what your purpose in life is).  If you are okay with God or not needing "a God", you need not need be offended, right? 
I am fanatical...I should be. When you are in love with someone, all you want to do is talk about them.  Jesus has done more for me than any guy I loved, so yah, I am going to talk about him.  I am going to pray a lot...which means chat with him.  He is my friend, we spend time together.  I want to be more like him so I will do whatever it takes to do that; pray, listen to music about him, watch movies with great stories about him and his followers, and hang out with people who want to help me do that. 
I love Jesus Christ because he has proven to be the bestest friend there is.  He loves me, teaches me and shows me unthinkable things.  The God who made the mountains I marvel at knows my name and everything about me...and still likes me...LOVES ME.  And I don't have to worry about dying and being away from Him because he is preparing a place for me in His Kingdom...not a puffy cloud, but real place of great beauty, more beautiful than the Hawaiian sunsets and more marvellous than the Grand Canyon.  I get to go there and forever praise Him and thank Him along with all the other people who love Him too.  
fanatical, yes. and good reason to be. 
end rant. 

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