Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The craft closet is complete!

I had the garage sale from all the stuff Nichol and I gathered from the closets.  It was a horrible weather day so I ended up consigning and selling on the Internet.  With the money I made I was able to buy the bins and containers for the craft closet and a few other small things for around the house.  If you are looking for a good price and storage containers, Canadian Tire has great deals weekly.  Nichol tipped me off on shoe box size clear containers at an amazing price.

I bought 10 for $14.  I also went to Target and although had a few trendier items, they were not comparable in price to Canadian Tire.  One great deal at Target right now is a shower caddy. I used it as a house cleaning caddy for both floors.  

Another recommendation is a label maker. Nichol brought one and labeled the craft closet and boys' hangers for size marking.  Ryan just asked me where the label maker went because he needed it for his office.  We will be saving up for one of those babies for sure!  My pantry is the next project and the label maker will be perfect for that.  I won't mix the pancake mix with flour anymore! 

And here it is. Thanks to Nichol Kripki from Nik's Knack Home Organizing, the great transformation. Linen closet to craft closet. 


This was an everything closet.  I was so frustrated with it that I just shoved things in half-hazardly.  We moved the towels into the boys' bathroom and got rid of all the extra bedding and vases that we really didn't need.  That change table that was in the way was sold at the garage sale as well. 

 As you can see, we were able to get a lot more in the closet with some organization and thought.  The boys are able to access their activity books and crayons easily and with the labels, I know where all the craft supplies are can grab and go.  I don't get that scrunched up forehead whenever I open this closet now.  I breathe and enjoy.  

Can I just encourage you to find a friend to help you with your clean up, like my friend Jenn did today OR contact a professional like Nichol.  They are well worth the money!  


  1. Angela,
    I had a great time helping you. I'm glad the closets are working for you. -Nichol

  2. Thanks for another great blog. I use my label maker at home too. Enjoy your closets! -Nichol