Friday, 29 March 2013

In Memory

I attended a memorial service for a dear friend of mine today.  The music was lovely and was very honouring to him.  Although I couldn't help but think that a song just doesn't sum up who he has been to me and many other people.  As we spent time remembering key moments in his life here on Earth, I was overwhelmed with emotion.  I remembered the many times he held me as I cried uncontrollably, or when he sat with me and listened for hours as I poured out my heart.  Even though he knew the answer to my questions and ponderings (he is just so smart like that), he would just listen quietly and comfort me.  Some of our other friends have told me about how generous he has been to them; giving them things they didn't deserve without even having to ask and then not asking anything in return.  I know for me, there were times that he has offered me something that I didn't even know I needed and then low and behold, shortly after I would have needed that thing.  I think it's because he was paying attention.  See, he never seemed to get caught up with the same stuff as the rest of us.  That's what made him so available.  There was this one time in my life where I was just not a good friend to him.  I was just really struggling and you know how you just don't want to be around the wise people who have the answers when you are miserable? It was like that.  Today, I remembered that and I just couldn't stop crying.  I can still feel his overwhelming forgiveness and love, in spite of how neglectful I was.  What kind of friend can do that?  
This friend was an amazing example of a good son.  He loved his dad so much and showed the utmost respect and honour toward him.  They mentioned that at the memorial today because it was so integral to who he was.  You see, my friend died in combat.  He followed his dad's wishes and travelled to a foreign land to fight in a huge battle.  The people in that land were so horrible to one another something had to be done. It almost seemed like an impossible battle to his friends and family but he loved his dad so much, that even though he was scared he did it anyway.   Where he was deployed, the people seemed to speak a different language as many of them didn't even understand what he was trying to tell them.  They didn't understand that he came to rescue them from the danger they were in.  Really, these people should have just been wiped out.  They didn't know how to be good to each other and there was so much damage being done because of it.  Many of the leaders of that land thought they had it all covered and then others just had other ideas as to how my friend should help them.  This ignorance ultimately led to his demise.  My heart ached today when I thought of what he must have went through in his last few moments,  this kind and loving man.  Why him?  He didn't do anything wrong to anyone?  Those that loved him paid a wonderful tribute to him today.  His one friend who spoke about his character did such a great job and was tearful through most of it.  
Thankfully Sunday, we have a celebration of his life.  See, my friend didn't stay dead.  Three days later he rose up from his grave and walked and talked with the people of that land again.  And would you believe he forgave the people who killed him?  Who does that? His dad knew the whole time what was going to happen.  His dad had a plan. See,  his dad is not just anyone.  He is very important and powerful.  My friend's dad is God, The Father.  The Father of all creation.  His son, my dear friend, is Jesus Christ.  The most loving, generous and perfect person and the best friend I could ever have.  That land?  That is Earth and those people who misunderstood him and wanted him dead?  That's me and you.  It's all of us.  He loved me and everyone else he and his dad created so much that he willingly went to battle for us and died.  Who could ask for a better friend than that.  I am so excited for Sunday.  Today was hard but that is what makes Sunday all the better.  What a celebration it will be.  My Jesus has risen and lives today.  What a friend!  

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