Thursday, 11 July 2013

Don't forget High River

As the rest of the world moves on, a little town in Southern Alberta is still suffering under the devastation of a natural disaster.  The people are surprisingly upbeat, focusing on the positives.  All this while their usually quiet community is buzzing with restoration vehicles, relief organization personnel, insurance agents and pumper trucks.  
The power of water cannot be ignored as boats are strewn around like paper all over parts of town, railroad tracks are twisted and power poles are snapped in half across yards.  And when we think of a flood we often think of just water.  The reality of a flood also includes mud, sewage and garbage.  People's belongings are hardly recognizable in the sludge they are dredged in.  The two feet of mud in basements leaves volunteers to shovel up the drowned toys, dishes, clothing and other personals into a pale to be dumped at the nearest garbage pile.  A child's writing from a mud slopped notebook reads, "I am thankful for the food that I get and my house that is cozy." The streets are lined with rotting kitchen appliances and heaps of rubble.  Windows are shattered in basements, doors and their frames are trashed and walls and stairs are damaged due to the urgent removal of large items like fridges and stoves.  To see the pictures is heart breaking. We give sorrowful sighs and then carry on with our days, occasionally wondering how we can help.  It is so easy to forget though, isn't it?  Meanwhile, some of the residents have not even seen their homes yet.  Water is still being pumped out of parts of town.  Hundreds of people are living in motels. campers, on college campuses or with family and friends.   
NOW is the time to remember High River and the other communities affected by the recent floods.  Now is the time to no longer wonder if they need volunteers but to make the call and make the time to help clean up.  Now is the time to give money to the organizations that will be helping the families and individuals who lost so much.  Now is the time to pray for those who are weary from the physical strain or the emotional strain that this storm has caused.  
There is still much to be done.  There are still tears to be shed.  There are still hugs to be given and hands to reach out.  Don't forget just yet. 

Here are a few organizations to contact for volunteer information: 

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