Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mosquitos, leeches and frogs....ah vacations with boys

We just enjoyed our first full day here in Northern Manitoba (second day here but first day was recovery from the 12 hour all night drive from Alberta).  We all love Grandma and Grandpa's place on the lake.  First...there's Grandpa and Grandma, Then there's the boats, family and friends, the sea-doo, fishing, tonnes of grass to run around on, the garden and the....bugs!  (Mosquito repellent and bite remedies to come).
In just one day I have taken leeches (which I hate more than anything) off of my boys' hands, placed minnow heads on fish hooks,  taken small perch fish off of fish hooks, chased frogs and marvelled at catapillars.  What a great place for the boys to learn about animals.  Part of me wished we could learn about cute puppies or rabbits or something but these will do.
As I write, everyone is resting after a busy day and I am enjoying the view of the lake and the gigantic birch trees from my parents' sunroom.  What freaks me out is the constant drone of the mass of mosquitos on the other side of those walls!  I can see the bats happily diving in and around the trees for their tasting mosquito treat and I am hoping they get their fill so that there are a few thousand less mosquitos out eating away at my family tomorrow. But alas, this is one of the negatives of being in the wonderful lake country.  My dear friend Lindsay, as well as any other freakishly strong mosquito magnet would lose their minds here.
Enjoy some pictures from the beginning of our stay.
Note: I am using my iPad so pictures are small with no captions. Sorry. 

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