Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Cloth Diapering and Grocery Shopping

I was very grateful to my in-laws for taking the boys for a few hours while I ran some errands today. One of those errands was finally picking up some supplies for the cloth diapers. That little DIY diaper recipe that I mentioned I was going to try in my post Adventures was a bust.  The diapers got so stinky I just threw them in a drawer (after I cleaned them!) and left them until I could talk to someone.  I remembered going to one of those Mom trade shows and chatting with some very knowledgeable women from a store named Babes in Arms.  They have all the best information on baby carrying, cloth diapers and all things natural.  I have been waiting to get there for months and finally, today...I got there!
As expected, the staff was extremely helpful and friendly and I walked out ready to put the disposables aside again.  If you live in the Calgary area and are looking for help with baby carriers or cloth diapering, please go visit these ladies.  You can even rent their carriers so that you can find the best fit for you.  They offer classes on diapering and baby "wearing".  They are all moms who are passionate about being good moms....so worth the visit! That being said, the advice was to give my inserts a heavy rinse as there was most likely a detergent build-up.  I bought a new detergent, superficially for cloth diapers and will see how it goes.  Here's hoping!
That was a few days ago.  I rinsed the heck out of those inserts and....ta da!!!... As good as new. Thank you Babes in Arms!  My boy is clothing it again.  We are also now using the disposable liners and loving them.
Can I just brag a bit?  Since we are living on God-directed donations, I have had to learn to be wiser with our money (which we all should just be anyway).  It has been a struggle when it comes to groceries because our town of over 15,000 only has one grocery store and it is the most expensive of all the chains and because it is in a "wealthy" town, the prices are even more inflated.  I do try to get into the more economical stores in the city but most times, that is just not possible.  Tonight, I went to 10% Tuesday and killed it!  I saved so much money that they needed a manager to override my final total.  So exciting.  Before I went in the store I prayed and asked God to come grocery shopping with me.  I told Him that I wanted this grocery trip to glorify Him.  I had the craziest insight on this trip.  I learned that the organic apples were cheaper than the regular apples.  I found a double pack of cheese strings that were way cheaper than the regular pack that were marked on sale and I used more coupons than I ever have in all my shopping trips together.  Who knew grocery shopping could be such a blast.? I am really growing up. All glory to God!
p.s.  It really does pay to just take time to read the little price cards though.  There are little secrets everywhere in the stores and if you pay attention, you can save a tonne.  That being said, I found a great Albertan blogger who is gifted in saving.  Sign up for her updates and receive information on sales and coupons for stores in Alberta.  Edmonton Frugal Mama.

Just so you know, I did memorize Ephesians chapter one.  I know that I said I would vlog me sharing it but I have been procrastinating.  I tried taping one day but my kids kept walking in on me...the other times, I hate to say, I just didn't feel camera-worthy.  So, I am debating whether or not still to do it as really, the point was just to get me to memorize it and I accomplished that.  I don't know.  Not today, anyway.  One point on the memorizing, is that the method I mentioned in Let's Get Physical just wasn't cutting it.  I ended up doing what I do when I memorize lines.  Look away and try to say it without reading. When you can do it, move on to the next line and when you get to the end of the paragraph, recite the paragraph without looking and so on. Way easier.  I also did a lot of underlining and circling to make connections to themes and points.  What I loved about memorizing this scripture was that God allowed it to be used in that time through different conversations and situations.  The words just became a part of my thought process.  And, isn't that what it is supposed to do?  
Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Romans 12:2 

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