Thursday, 16 May 2013

InstaFriday-quick trip to Vancouver

It has been busy here in Vancouver.  Ryan has been busy filming for the last three days.
I am joining Life Rearranged in Instafriday so that I could share some of our trip through photos.
Enjoy a view of our time in Beautiful British Columbia (note: our view from a home in time we will see the sites!)  

We had the priviledge of staying with the wonderful Kwun family (Ryan interviewing Willie and Brenda). These two have the gift of hospitality and live out the book of Acts everyday!
Ryan spent hours filming Jack minister to many people throughout the last two days.  He has the gift of healing and is a very funny and wise man. 

Brenda is a true foodie and has even created a guide to eating in Vancouver (photo below). These were some Chinese pastry that Willie brought home for everyone to enjoy. In our four days we ate Japanese, Vietnamese,  Taiwanese and New Zealand style. (burp)

My little friend Alysha's rock collection.  She would like you to note the Berenstain book in the background and the non-rocks in the collection. So cute. 

A great idea Brenda had a few years ago.  It is a deck of cards that share the great restaurants that the "locals" enjoy.  If you love food, Vancouver is the destination for you.

I sent this photo to my boys through Messenger today. Big kiss! 
My girlfriend sent a photo of when she went to pick up the boys from Grandma and Grandpa's for a sleepover.  What a brave woman.  Miss my munchkins.

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Have a terrific day! 

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