Friday, 24 May 2013

My Kids Got Worms

Summer with boys is a fun one.  With the two days of non-stop rain, our yard has been filled with wiggly worms and the boys are smitten.  We went to a friend's house for a visit and the boys just wanted to get home "for the worms".  So, the ladybugs from the warm days have been abandoned and the worms are the new friends.  I had to set the boundary...they are on the outside porch.  

Now that playground weather is here, I am excited to venture out and see what's out in the Calgary area.  I was thinking about doing a best playgrounds review but in keeping with my simplifying life promise, it just didn't seem wise.  So, I am sharing someone else's hard work with you Calgarian Moms.  Check out Dana from Calgary Playground Review for ideas on indoor and outdoor playgrounds.  I am excited to try them out throughout the summer.  

This week Munch watched a movie where someone was flying with a jetpack.  Well, he got it into his head that he needed to have jetpack.  Instead of the usual "no, you cannot have a jetpack." We decided to go with it.  We had to go the mall to pick up a present for Ryan's dad so we told Munch that we would check out a couple of stores for a jetpack.  We tried three different stores.  One store clerk commented, "Ahh, we don't sorry. I wish we did."  The next suggested Toys R Us and another store clerk LIED and said they were out.  I get what they were doing...but now Munch thinks they we can go back to get one when they are in stock! Here's hoping this is just a passing interest.  I told Munch We will have to check out the Internet to see where a person could buy one.  Low and behold, you can buy one..for $200,000.  Being four, he will think two weeks of chores should do it.  In the meantime, we are going to check out this week's Pinterest Best Activity of the week and make our own jetpack.  Doodle craft   has a great diy jetpack. One fabulous thing we all got out of letting Munch shop for this item was seeing him walk up to strangers bravely and speak with confidence and purpose.  He was so proud of himself for doing it by himself.  Why not? Why not let our kids go somewhere with an idea?  I learned this from our Growing Kids God's Way study, where they challenged parents to not be so quick to say no.  I am so glad to have learn that lesson.  Our whole family has benefited from letting our kids dream. 
Have a great weekend.  Hope this finds you enjoying Spring, rain or shine! 

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