Monday, 28 October 2013

My Sad Heart

It has a been a tough day. After watching our 12 year old dog Stewart struggle for days with congestive heart failure, we made the decision to put him down.  I really didn't image taking it this hard.  As you may have learned from my previous post Food, fun and Stewart, it was bitter sweet having a pet.  However, as I reflect upon my relationship with "Stewey", I can say he was the most faithful and loving dog I have ever had.  As my husband so wonderfully put to the vet,

"When you have a dog and no kids that dog is your kid; they get all the attention and love you have.  When the first child comes, the dog moves down the totem pole a bit and then when the next child comes a little lower and then when the third comes, the dog becomes the annoyance and frustrating task to deal with. Stewart took that role humbly and he did his best with it.  He loved those kids even when they were the ones who took his place."
He was a great dog, full of humility and courage.

The question has been, "will you get another dog?" Maybe one day.  Right now we have these boys to raise.  We wish that we would have had more time and love to give Stewart in our busyness and so I think we will take that as our lesson. 
We had prepared the boys for Stewart's death and so one night while Munch and I were raking leaves he says, "I really love Stewey, Mommy."  I reply, "I know honey, you are so good to him. When he's gone, why don't you take that love you have for Stewey and use it to care for the other dogs in our neighbourhood? You could play with Sarabi next door or maybe take Cola for a walk."  He thought that was a great idea and began suggesting ways he could help our neighbours with their dogs.  So, that's how we will fill our Stewart shaped hole in our hearts for now.  And perhaps, we will get a gold fish...people don't generally cry over dead goldfish, right?

Until next time,



  1. Never easy. Cael always want to go to "Evan" to get Zander and say hi to Aunty Rhonda. We said he went to be with her and she would take good care of him. HUGGGS To all of you <3

  2. I love you Ange! You are a wonderful mom to those boys and I'm sure Stewey knew he was loved as well.

  3. I just saw this now. I'm so sorry for your loss. Stewart was a great dog.
    Megan B