Saturday, 2 November 2013

Winter Fun-crafts and soup time!

I have to admit, after my boys sat and marvelled at the snow for a few minutes, I closed the blinds and turned on some good halogen lights and pretended it was Summer again.  I know, I know, I could hardly wait for Winter a month ago.  The grass is always greener...literally!  
In spite of my "bah snow' moment, I brought out the paper and scissors and as we talked about the beauty and wonder of snowflakes, we each made our own individual paper snowflake. Moms, do not underestimate the joy of making a paper snowflake...,duh! they get to wield scissors (what kid doesn't like using scissors?!)  
I learned a little something in this exercise husband can make a prettier snowflake than me. I actually found myself studying his and trying to find ways to make mine better but I...just...couldn't.  He is so wonderfully creative!  It was a great way to celebrate the coming snow. 
In keeping with the celebration with snow, here is a great website that has wonderful winter themed ideas.  I especially LOVE the ice ornaments. However, with Calgary's fluctuating temperatures, I wonder how long they would last.  

Courtesy of: Hands on as we Grow

I am not much for soup in the warmer seasons but once it gets chilly out, I am all over it!  Here are some of my great finds on Pinterest. 

This is a picture of a yummy Tomato and basil soup that I found.  However, when I went on the website to get the recipe I realized that it was in a language I do not know.  So, I found another recipe from with a less tantalizing photo but I am sure is just as yummy.

If you have not yet discovered yet, you must today.  I first found them when my friend Karla sent me the easiest and most amazing cinnamon bun recipe (I share the recipe in my post On the Lighter Side ). This Cheeseburger soup is something I think the kids might even enjoy. 

Keep warm and stay safe on the roads!  

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