Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Getting in the Christmas Mood

Here I am, sitting with a Chai Latte and enjoying the hilarious advice of Dr. Kevin Leman on my Focus on the Family app.  If you have not added this app to your mobile device, you must!  They have wonderful podcasts on parenting, marriage, social issues and spiritual issues.  The one I am listening to right now is Practical Advice for Parenting Powerful Kids.  Dr. Kevin Leman is the author of How to Have a New Kid by Friday and The Birth Order Book.  He is so funny but also very practical and challenging.  

I digress... this is a post to help me get in the Christmas holiday mood.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas!  I love celebrating the birth of The One who saved me and changed my heart and gave me hope after this earthly life.  Love it!  However, the thought of trying to decorate and bake with three active boys…who want to be involved in EVERYTHING…is enough to make me hide under the covers until boxing day.  

I am hoping that looking at the cute little chocolate snowmen and christmas balls with kids' handprints on them will swoon me into the festive spirit.  Here are some great things that I have found.  Feel free to share your fun ideas for kids' crafts, decorating and yummies.  I feel kind of lonely here when no one responds (yes, I am trying to use guilt to make your comment).  

Enjoy! Fa la la la la…

Aren't these beautiful? This is something I will do myself as it may be a little complicated for the littles…but I would love to see them around the house.  Thank you to Handimania for this great tutorial. 

My boys love gum. I mean LUUUV gum.  This is the greatest advent calendar ever!  No fanciness or chocolate required. Love it! This great idea came from My Little Mochi.

I saw this on a friend's Facebook page and the snowman grabbed my attention. Too cute.  There are many more fun recipes ideas on this food segment of  Buzz Feed.

Once again, feel free to share your ideas.  Have a great week!  

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