Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A Peek into our Craziness

We were so happy to hear that the boys behaved so well for their grandparents while we were in New York. Yet, at the same time, I couldn't get why they couldn't behave that well when they were with us. Many theories...but all in all we say it's better they are at their best with others. 
I missed these boys...an hour from our return to Calgary. (You can gufah all you want but I needed a break and loved every minute of it.) Once I could feel the Alberta air shrivelling up my skin again, I longed to hold these minchies! 

Is anyone else concerned that we are creating little narcissists with our iPhone craziness? Baby G loves getting his picture taken then checking it out and Munch is all about the selfie. 
He hasn't landed "the pose" yet though. 

Around Christmas I was growing weary of my relationship with Facebook; not the people on it but my self-focus because of it. I had a big post planned explaining why I was "stepping back" from FB but then someone beat me to it. Then I heard on a news show in New York that droves of teens and twenty-somes are leaving Facebook. Apparently, my feelings were not at all unique. 
Then I decided to post one picture of our first night in New York and bang, I was hooked again. What can I say? I liked the attention. (It really does annoy me that I think of life events in terms of a Facebook status.)

When all is out of control and yucky...make a fort. It always works. This is how I got them to sit and do bookwork this morning. Then it was where they took quiet time, snack time and...I stopped it at bedtime. 

My dear husband had come to the end of "sharing me" with the world this week. (As an extrovert, I need to learn to calm down and focus on my family more often.) We really enjoyed a dinner, just us two, at Maze by Gordon Ramsay and a delightfully long stroll down Fifth and Madison Avenues back to our hotel.  We won't wait so long for a date night again! 

This one little guy does everything this other little but bigger guy does. Unfortunately, it all started when the three year old was at his peak of badness. Now he has come out as the sweetest, most sensitive and yielding little man. However, he has left behind a spitting, screaming, pinching and hair pulling toddler. I repeat over and over throughout the day, "this too shall pass..." It's a good thing he's got cute chubby cheeks and an infectious laugh (even if it is because he's pulling your hair). 

Have a great week! 

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