Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Why I Chose to Homeschool

Maybe I have mentioned this before.  I am quite insecure in this homeschooling thing so have been hesitant to post anything about it. However, due to recent conversations with people who know me well, I figured there was some clearing up to do.
Now, really, I shouldn't care what people think of me but I do. Also, as a representative of Christ I always want people to know the truth on who I am and why I do what I do.  
That being said, let's just clear one thing up about my homeschooling decision.

I did not choose homeschooling because I hate traditional schools. 
 From what I have learned from my friends' experiences with school, it all depends on the administration of the school.  It seems it is very important to be involved and stay informed on who the principal is and what they are about. For one crazy example, there was a school in New York where the students shared that they watch movies almost the whole day and there was no gym or recess. When a parent was interviewed, they said they didn't even know who the principal was.  Okay, that was extreme but so crazy I had to share.
There are some good schools close to us and one I was very excited to enrol Munch in for kindergarten.  In spite of this, I felt God was calling me to homeschool.

I am not homeschooling because I am trying to keep my kids from the evil of this world. 
I am not trying to "shelter" my kids.  In our world, sheltering would require a move onto a self-sustaining acreage with no media and no personal contact. On another note, I would want a school that matched my values, not to keep my boys from "bad" kids. There are rotten kids in all kinds of schools. However, if that school is going to have authority over my kids I would want them to hold the same beliefs and values as us.  Again though, we have a perfectly great public school, that so also happens to hold Christian values, not too far from us.

I did not choose homeschooling because I think I can do a better job. Although I have witnessed students getting lost and let down by the current school system and have been educated of the homeschool vs. traditional debate, I also know I loved my school of 500, my husband liked his school of, like, 5000 or something crazy (and frankly terrifying sounding), and we turned out fine, many of our friends have and many smart, gifted and well-accomplished people have.  The school debate is as overwhelming and frustrating as the immunization debate with both great points on both sides.
 We all have our own convictions and mine was to homeschool.
 I have teacher friends; they have a gift. I do not possess such gift.  I am sure I will not be as creative as Miss Grade Four Teacher and maybe I won't find a way to teach my boys to looooove math like Mr. Garinger (who didn't actually teach me to love it, just to appreciate it and the people who are crazy enough to looooove it).
The point is that if God called me to it, He will do it and help me in it.  Anyone who knows any story from the Old Testament knows that God called people to some pretty impossible stuff but they accomplished it, and not just accomplished it but accomplished it well (David and Goliath anyone? Moses parting the sea?).  So if teaching three wild boys reading writing and 'rithmatic is my Red Sea then get me my staff (the stick kind of staff, in case there was some confusion).

In my time as a newbie homeschooler, I have learned some great things that have supported my current decision; some statistics, some testimonies and some simple positives like being able to take a holiday whenever we wanted and staying in on wintery days.   Even as I have come to love the idea and blessing of homeschooling, the main reason for my doing so remains.
 I felt God called me to it. 
 Many wise homeschooling friends said, "Take it year by year."  For Munch's Kindergarten year, I was confident The Lord told me to keep him home.  For this following year, I am listening.  I will continue to seek The One who loves us and knows how many are our days.  Whatever He tells me to do, I will do.  Regardless of what He calls me to and my supporting reasons why, I will do it.
I will do it because I was called to it. 


  1. Wow, there really is no better reason than that! Being obedient to God in the big and little things is key in our parenting! Listening to God for his desire for your child is an amazing way to parent! I'm proud of you!!!

  2. Thanks. Being obedient isn't always easy. You too have made choices of obedience that are to be commended, Melanie! Bless you!