Friday, 3 January 2014

A Sick New Years...and not the cool sick

We were so excited to spend New Years Eve with a great group of friends but as the hours approached, it was becoming less and less likely. By noon that day, with 4 fevers out of 5, we made the decision to stay home. Did I mope? Nope. In between fevery hot flashes and body aches, the boys and I gathered together leftover decorations and put our own party together. Enjoy a few snapshots of The Sickest New Year Party 2013! 

Yes, that's a coffee filter. 
Sparkling water for all! Baby Goose didn't think it felt nice on his tongue. 

A couple games, some salty chips and in bed by 7. 
"There's two mommies. There and there," says Munch. What a card! 
Ryan and I sat our achy bodies down with a glass of wine and enjoyed a movie...and in bed by 10...
...only to have this little guy and his baby brother keep us up for the next 2 hours with coughing and crying. At least we got to ring in the New Year! 

Even if it wasn't what we planned and even if we missed seeing our friends, I know we will look back at this New Years as one of the most memorable. A good night overall...despite the flu. 

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