Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Easy Pee-zee! Day 2 Potty Training

Someone asked about the picture of the toilet in the last post....NOT MY TOILET!!! My sons would never go the bathroom if that was ours. 

He got to wear this great outfit all day!
Well, well...to my surprise and delight, day two of potty training was easy and fun.  There were literally NO accidents....okay, I take that back. One time he peed all over himself instead of into the toilet but... moms of boys get that and "it happens".
I am trying not to brag but I am just amazed at his response.  You have to understand that just two days ago, he was stomping his feet and screaming, "You have to go to the store and BUY MORE DIAPERS!!!"  On day one he put up a bit of a fight but when I firmly said this IS what is happening, he totally backed down.  (I think I have been giving this kid to much credit in the stubborn department, he is actually waaaay more relaxed than I thought!)
For the morning, I had to coax him onto the toilet "just to see".  Sitting on a toilet for no apparent reason to this three year old seems ludicrous.  However, when he witnessed that pee come out for the first time, it was like "WHAT??!! That is what happens?? That is so cool!"  After that, he was able to tell me when he "thought" he had to go.  Sometimes, I think he and his brother were just trying to get a "one for trying" Mini Egg, but at least we were going.
Soon enough, it was happening and he was the proudest three year old on the block.  One thing to note was that in recent months we had been trying to figure out his love language.  There had been some major behavioral issues that seemed to be caused by a lack of attention.  We soon discovered that he is a Words of Affirmation kid.  He thrives on encouragement and positive conversation and tone.  We used this in building him up toward potty training, knowing also that he is a perfectionist.  We would encourage him that we are potty training because we know that he is a big boy and CAN do it.  With each little stride, we encouraged him.  It seems that he had the confidence and trust in us to "try" this potty training deal and after each accomplishment, he grew more and more excited.  We even caught him drumming and singing about getting Mini Eggs.
I do realize that we have yet to leave the house.  That in itself is another struggle.  Both Bubblegum and I get highly distracted by the big world around us so this could all go south as soon as we step out these doors.  Once again, I am going to remain prayerfully optimistic.
Another exciting thing was that Baby Goose (we changed his name from Goo to Goose, in case you wondered), peed in the toilet too.  He caught on to the whole treat thing and insisted on giving it a go.  So, we may be closer than we thought!
Stay tuned for tomorrow where I will share the 10 things Potty Training Taught Me about Parenting.
Have a great day! 

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