Monday, 17 March 2014

Getting on the Pot

It was a big day in our household today. We finally put our foot down and told Bubblegum that he could no longer wear diapers.  Of course, we prepped him for the big day; counting down the size 5s that were left from the last purchased box, shopping for a comfortable potty seat and picking out special treats.  I think he thought we were teasing because he seemed quite shocked when I handed him the little Lego tighties this morning
  You know though, it hasn't been as bad as I anticipated.  There was way less screaming and resisting than I imagined.  There was a lot more outfit changes and puddle cleaning BUT it was the greatest celebration when he surprised himself with a big BM in the toilet bowl (I promise, that is as detailed as I will get).  
Our home will continue to be filled with rounds of gum balls, Mini eggs and extra loads of laundry.  I promise to share the result of Day 2, as I hear that can be a total nightmare. Once again, I hope to be surprised. 
One lesson I can leave you with tonight though is this: don't wait until your child is three and a half to potty train.  I thought it was hard at two and a half with Munch but really is easier when they are younger.  There is less explaining, arguing , coaxing and debating.  The older they get, the more complex their thinking is and the more independent they are.  It is just that more complicated. As much as this isn't horrible, it really could have been easier.  That being said, as soon as we are done with Bubblegum, Little Goose will be next.  He is already excited (he tried to push Bubbs off the pot today so he could try!). 
Good times at The Natural Mom household! Catch ya later! 

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