Friday, 28 March 2014

On a Roll...

It was just one of those days...we built a fort, we learned some phonics, new words and math...I did some laundry, washed the front of the cupboards...then we made cookie letters to spell out our names. 
You know those days? They don't happen often.  That day when you are just "on " and everyone is with you. 

The boys took their tasks seriously. Bubblegum used his muscles for mixin ! 

We even utilized the flour on the counter; writing out letters with our fingers. 

Today I learned that Bubblegum knows how to spell his name. Those middle kids pick up so much sitting alongside...

Munch wanted to try his own worked!! He had me write it out for next time...
While Munch did this, Bubblegum and I made concoctions; baking soda and vinegar, cornstarch and water. I enjoyed it as much as he fact I played with that cornstarch here and there all afternoon. 

Now, I am spent. The boys went to bed well and I am heading there soon as well. 
Have a great weekend! 

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