Sunday, 2 June 2013

Mary Mary...

We finally planted our garden!! The weather had not been cooperating and it was starting to look like we were out of luck for the year but we did it, we found ourselves free on a rain-free day! Yay!

I was so grateful for Phyllis for sparing some her land for our garden and for her help with seeding. I tried to hoe my own row and she immediately stopped me in her sweet but firm Italian accent, "It's too crooked."  She made me give the hoe back.  The boys enjoyed running around Phyllis' acreage and Malachi was as happy as can be, once he got his snacks.  Ryan...enjoyed his coffee and teased me about being a "hippy girl".  (he's going to appreciate this so called "hippy girl" when our grocery bill is less money).  I was a little disappointed to hear that we may not get the watermelon we hoped for.  However, my friend Lyndon, the horticultural genius and funniest person ever, says it is not totally impossible.  (I am praying)  Who wouldn't love a watermelon grown in their own garden?  
I can't wait to enjoy the sweetness of those carrots!  

Munch's preschool class gave their Momma's potted sunflower seeds for Mother's Day.  We have been enjoying our little seed grow up.  Now I want to see what else we can grow.  I found this great blog where a couple try growing several different vegetables and fruit from their seeds.  Mary and Tim at 17 Apart do a great job of explaining how to regrow veggies like celery and avocados and share their own attempts at regrowing.  Lots of fun!  This can be a great activity for teaching kids the appreciation of where our food comes from.  "No sweetie, they dont just come from a grocery store." (You would be surprised how many kids don't know more than that). 
Also, if you don't have enough yard or know someone else who does, you could look in your community for a community garden.  I just found out we have one here in Chestermere! Also, you could do what Mary and Tim do and plant their vegetables in pots or boxes in your yard or patio.  I found another website with some ideas. This is another way to "go organic" inexpensively.  Vegetable Garden Guide.  
The rain has returned.  I praise God for our one gardening morning.  Now, time to see the worms and puddle splashes again.  
Have a great day!  

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