Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Where is the time going?  Once the weather gets warmer, life seems to speed up.  Now that the boys are in swimming lessons twice a week, each day is just flying by.  They are so excited to jump into their grandparents lake this Summer.  
I am planning on spoiling Ryan this Father's Day.  He is a fantastic dad and now that he is working from home, he does way more "duties" then he would normally, without complaint (well, mostly).  There is nothing I love more than watching him get down on the floor with those boys and rough-house or when he has them snuggle in with him while he edits on his computer.  He is better at so many more things than me in the parenting game-he can get those kids cleaning, brushing their teeth, getting ready for bed and eating a supper they don't enjoy like magic.  I am so grateful for him as husband and father to my children.  He loves getting gifts so we are giving him lots of little things that he has been mentioning over the last while.  Some gifts we have already given him because he was in desperate need, like the new office chair (his other one was broken and tilted something horrible).  On top of the practical gifts, we will put together some homemade gifts.  I found this great idea from All for the Boys.  I can't wait to see what the boys come up with for this; should be funny. 

I also saw a great photo of little feet with "We love Daddy" or something on them but I can't seem to find it (forgot to "Pin It").  In my searching, I found a few other cute ideas.  
This one from 517 Creations is a tear-jerker.  

This one, from Sisters Stuff, is cute and easy to make as well.

Here are some other ideas that I was looking up.  This was with my husband in mind but maybe yours will appreciate it too.   

I eat all of Ryan's snacks....mainly because it takes him years to eat them. I am not exaggerating.  He rarely eats snack foods or chocolate...drives. me. crazy.  I would make it the "hands off" basket, just for him, complete with beef jerky (he does love beef jerky).  

How cool is this chain?  I have a girlfriend who has one and I love it...I didn't know they made them manly too! 

This is what Ryan really wants (in case you can't see, it's an iPhone case that looks like a Bible)
  Even though we have already picked up a few things, I think I will get it as well.  I said we were spoiling him so....

Other than that, we will be making breakfast in bed and lavishing him with love and affirmation.  It still won't do enough for how much we adore him around here.  Let's hope this isn't the post he decides to check in on.  If so, Ryan, just act surprised, okay?  Like with the chair.  

Enjoy your the rest of your week! 

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