Thursday, 27 June 2013

Yes, July in Calgary.  June always seems to be a write-off, especially this year, but July, good 'ol hot July is here (a couple days early I might add).  Time for trampolines, water parks, playground hopping, sprinklers, lemonade stands (although todays' kids seem more privy to iced tea), bike riding and popsicles.  

If you are like me, I like to spoil all the fun and only let my kids have half of a popsicle.  I bought one of those make your own popsicle kits last year but it was just too much ice cold goodness for my boys. Really, at this age, they get bored and waste half of it anyway.  While stuck in traffic today I came up with the perfect homemade cube tray popsicles. Genius, right?!  What I am quickly learning through Pinterest is that my brand new idea was somebody else's idea last year.  I thought I would share the others' great ideas, complete with snazzy photos.  

This creative Mom from Biting the Hand came up with the best party treat, Ring Pop ice treats. 

These little popsicle treats from Kitchen Daily  just look so yummy and cute. 

Now the boys and their friends can have the joy of having a popsicle in a size that is more suitable for them.  I am so excited about that. 

Summer is also a great time for camping.  We don't camp as Ryan dreads the idea of having our typical sleepless nights in "the wilderness"(the man loves his sleep and hates the wilderness).  I am hoping to convince him of at least a backyard campout.  That way if it gets too wild and crazy, he can escape to his own bed.  
Do you think we should let Baby Goo sleep in this little teepee?  He seems to like it. 

Check out other great fort ideas at All for the Boys

Enjoy the rest of the week! 

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