Monday, 4 February 2013

Let's Get Physical

It's a beautiful day today and my boys begged to go outside and play.  They are making the New Year's Resolution a lot easier for me by asking to go out everyday.  They even wanted to go out one evening when it was -25C.  We went out and shovelled all of our neighbours' driveways...only to have it snow 20 minutes later... it was great exercise for our hearts and our bodies.

 I am enjoying a Chai Latte from our Keurig machine while watching "the boys be boys."

They took some cheap golf teas, and hammered them into various boxes and styrofoam.  That was fun for 10 minutes.  Then they found the puddles!!  I resolved when Munch was little that I would let my kids play in puddles and get as wet as they want.  What does it hurt?

Something that I am bothered by is that I am sending the boys outside to play while I "sit" and watch.  I have lost all desire to be active.  I am sure its due to the lack of sleep. I am just so exhausted most days. However,  I feel like if I don't do something now, I may never want to get off my butt again.  After I had Bubblegum, I joined a mom's fitness group.  It was great to be active with other mom's and have our kids in tow (although some days there was more activity from chasing our kids around the place).  This time around, I have too many kids and not enough money so I am having to get active on my own.
So, here's my plan.  If you are feeling the same way, join me in starting small.   I would like to commit to 15 minutes of activity a day.  This may look like a walk around the block, 15 minutes of a fitness video (I have been doing the same pilates video for 7 years!) or just running up and down your stairs after the kids go to sleep.  It is always easier when you have someone to be accountable to.  I am accountable to you.  Each week, I will document what I did each day.  Yikes, now I have to do it. (see, it works!).  Send me updates and pictures of how you are doing.  
This is really about becoming more disciplined.  Another discipline that I have been working on is memorizing scripture.  I really have no excuse as I know memorizing is not an issue for me.  I have memorized many lines for plays with no problem at all.  I am actually going to go big and memorize the book of Ephesians!  Did you know that there people out there who have memorized the New Testament....several translations of it??!!! Surely, one 6 chapter book will be fine.  I found a technique for memorizing online and am going to try it.  The guys says it can be memorized in 3 months.
Somthing that helps with getting more active is eating better.  This easy snack idea just might get my nose out of the leftover Christmas chocolates! 
Yogurt covered strawberries. Dip halved strawberries in Greek yogurt and freeze. 
I think I'll take a walk to the mailbox now.  You?

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