Saturday, 23 February 2013

pull up your pants, Moms!

I have to share this photo I had Munch take.  I was bending down getting some mittens out for the baby and Bubblegum attempted to climb up my back....using my gaping jeans as a step! Eek! I am just not a fan of the butt crack.  When I worked at Starbucks as a supervisor, I had to strongly reprimand butt crack showings by our staff.  It was so hard because you cannot find a lot of trendy pants without the low waist.  I am not a fan of high waist clothes, as I don't think they do anything for my body-type but I may hate it less than people seeing my bum peeking out from my pants. It's cute when it belongs to my little boys (they are blessed to have flat bums like me!) but not on a Momma

Today, I am tired of the battle of the technology craze of my little ones.  My husband and I were fed up after fighting off 2 iPads, 2 iPods an iPhone and tvs while over at a family members house.  It was exhausting trying to keep the kids interested in something else for the day and on our ride home, we declared war.  We are still gathering our arsenal and planning our attack.  The first plan is to change our own behavior.  I will keep my tech focus to a dull minimum around my boys, showing them that they are more important than a peice of metal.  It may be harder work and require more planning but it will be worth it. I cannot believe that my kids are only 2 and 4 and we are already battling the video games!  It started out very harmless and our oldest was very good at limiting his time and attention.  With our 2 year old, we are recognizing an issue with self-control so are seeing an issue arise due to our carelessness.  The 19 year old in me who never wanted to own a t.v. Or a microwave is baffled by this predicament.
My biggest plan of attack is turning our backyard into the funnest and coolest play area for miles.  It will have to be somewhere the boys will long to be yet on a budget.  I am up for the challenge! This, of course, is the Spring time plan. Until then, we will continue our daily jonts around the neighbourhood and visits to the indoor play structures.
We recently visited an indoor play structure...the boys ran for an hour and a half straight.  God bless the indoor play place people!

Here is a decent article I found with ideas on how to unplug your family.!/entry/technology-and-kids-7-ways-to-unplug,500779047af68a84dc1bcb93

Do you have great ways to keep your kids from your technology?  Please share. Please be nice.
Have a great day!

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