Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thailand...that brings up something I have been meaning to share....

My mind is far from blogging today. Ryan is preparing for his trip to Thailand in a few days.  He is meeting up with some missionaries who have incredible stories of God's power.  I can't wait to hear them.  I am thankful for the help that I will have while he is gone but there still is a lot of planning to do.  I am so used to Ryan being home all the time that him being gone seems to throw me off.  I even have to remind myself of Joshua's preschool days on the calendar!  
So may friends have been to Thailand and marvel at its beauty.  Almost everyone says the same things, "Go for a massage, eat from the street vendors, go scuba diving..."  The other thing that people who have been there mention is the unavoidable.  Prostitution.  
In my circle of friends, the topic of human trafficking is brought up often.  I had the privilege of joining some women organize a fundraiser to support a rescue shelter for Cambodian women who were formally in the sex trade.  Through this, I learned about the horrible reality of human trafficking abroad and at our backdoor.  There are some great women and men who are doing their small part to end this travesty.  It can be so overwhelming and I have found myself wondering where to even start, what to share and how to share.  
I hope that this information enlightens you, not to discourage you but to move you...move you to ask what your part can be in helping free the slaves of human trafficking.  I pray that as you learn of the darkness in our world, you will come to the revelation that there is a God who is bigger than all of this and who is moving through His people to show His love.   

Although there are some alarming statistics that should sicken and disturb you, please DO NOT miss the hope that is in these videos.  These videos are being made to open eyes and make change. What would be more disturbing is if this was all happening and we did not know a single thing about it.  So, now that I have tugged at your heart, here is a list of some of the organizations that are making great change in human trafficking.  Where can you help?

The littlest acts can be done to help.  My friend Jenn holds concerts in her house and charges admission.  She also has donated the proceeds from her home business to her favourite organization Ratanak.  Other friends are holding silent auctions to raise money and awareness and volunteering for such organizations.  Did you know that you can even have jewellery parties through groups like Global Wonders?  This provides work for men and women who are at risk for or who have left sexual slavery; OR you can do what I just did, spread the word; tell others about what you have learned.  
I am leaving this post wondering what I have missed or if I have shared too much...
I look over the table at my two boys who I love dearly and would fiercely protect with all that I have.  I will leave this post instead being grateful for our freedom but not allowing myself to be apathetic to the millions who don't share the same freedoms I do.  My prayer is that God would not allow my heart to grow cold to the need of others around me.  My prayer is that even this post has made a dent in the world of human trafficking.  God bless you. 

Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke? -Isaiah 58:6 

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  1. Thanks for that Ang, it was an encouragement to me today that the word is getting out, and I know that is the first step.

    “Accustom yourself to look first to the dreadful consequences of failure; then fix your eye on the glorious prize which is before you; and when your strength begins to fail, and your spirits are well nigh exhausted, let the animating view rekindle your resolution, and call forth in renewed vigour the fainting energies of your soul.”
    ― William Wilberforce