Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Baby Food, Car Washes Momma Notes

Last week I was studying James 1:2 and committed to "consider it pure joy when facing trials of many kinds".  Yesterday, in between a tantrum and squabble over crushing milk containers I was reminded of this verse.  I redirected the boys from their argument by inviting them to help me in the kitchen.  Minutes before I was shooing them out because I just wanted to be there on my own.  I was trying out a new recipe and did not want to be distracted (I have been known to make major technical errors due to distraction in the kitchen).  However, helping out in the kitchen was something that they could do individually and well.  As each boy pridefully executed his task, I stopped...and enjoyed.  

It was a deliberate decision to just look with complete enjoyment at my children.  I could feel the smile and it felt good.  I was grateful that the boys enjoyed being with me and they liked to help.  I told them, "I love being your mommy"  
Five minutes later there was a tantrum and chaos all over again...but for that moment there was pure joy.
Feeding Baby Goo has been a lot of fun.  He loves food!  It is so easy to feed a baby who will eat everything you give him.  I bought the book The Healthy Baby Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel when Bubblegum was a baby but he was too picky for the recipes.  This time around, I have been able to try many of the recipes on a very willing participant.  This is another one of those activities that the other boys have been involved in.  Munch enjoys cutting up the vegetables and Bubblegum likes scooping the puree into the ice cube trays.  Some of these recipes are so yummy that I have wanted to eat them myself.  One in particular is Potato and Leek puree.   She actually states in her book that with some spices, it can be made into a soup for the whole family.  Mmmmm. 

Activity for the Day 

I did not get this one off of Pinterest.  This was one of those activities that was a whim.  The boys were playing with their Hot Wheels and wanted to clean them.  We created our own car wash with a water bottle, cloth and baking dish (to contain the water mess).  The boys had a blast making their cars shiny.  Love those moments when something so simple becomes the greatest fun.  
In going through some behavioural challenges with Bubblegum, I have been looking for some resources and support from the "experts".  I remember this time with Munch and what was so wonderful for me was the assistance from Focus Helps.  Focus on the Family is an amazing ministry for the family.  I was surprised to learn that they offer counselling over the phone and immediately took up their offer.  A lovely lady called me at a certain time of the day, listened, offered great advice, prayed for me and followed up with free resources.  This ministry also offers counselling referrals for wherever you live, great articles on a variety of topics and several online forums for you to join.  It is not just for parenting.  I have recommended them for marriage problems and life issues as well.  

A new resource that I am going to check out this time around is Positive Parenting Solutions.  My girlfriend stumbled upon it and has really enjoyed the advice from this woman.  I have witnessed her using the tips suggested with much success.   

Lastly, Moms, I want you to think of a mom-friend that you can encourage today.  Send her a message, phone her, drop by with a meal or gift.  Tell her all the things you would like to hear.  Remind her that she is doing a fabulous job, give her a hug, let her talk, tell her she is wonderful, invaluable, a super hero!  It always seems to help me when I reach out to someone else.  I love this blog for that reason.  

Here is a start: 

Mom, do you know how amazing you are?  You chose to get up this morning and care for those little ones.  You already put others before yourself and the day just started.  It can be so hard to do, right...but you did it.  You know why your kids are driving you crazy?  They think you are the bestest friend ever and love to be around you.  There must be something wonderful you did to make them want to be around you all the time. Are your kids fed? Do they have clothes on (even if they are still pjs), are they playing?  Look at you!  You have provided for these little people.  Wow!  You did that!  I bet you didn’t even have to think about it either.  It was just natural for you.  I just need to say it again, mom.  You are amazing.  Keep going.  You can do this.  I am right there with you.  
Love, your Momma-friend, Angela   

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