Thursday, 11 April 2013

My Favourites for this Friday

In honour of my favorite blog writer, Rachel Martin, from Finding Joy, I am writing a post about some of my favourite things. She posts her favourite things every week along with some beautiful photos. What a great way to start a weekend.  Enjoy!

Trips to the zoo
We are grateful to grandparents for our zoo passes; we can go for an hour or three, we can be outside or in, we can see gorillas one day and giraffes the next and we get exercise and learning time. 

 Basketball at all times of the day, in all weather
 Bubblegum loves sports, especially basketball (proof it is not just nurture)  I love this picture of him in his pyjamas and rubber boots. 

I took our old diaper boxes and made garages and tunnels for the boys' Hot Wheels.  Instead of playing, Munch took the scraps and built ramps for him and his little brother. He is so his dad. I love how their minds work.

I am on a pancake kick right now.  In the last two weeks we have had  coconut pancakes with lime drizzle, banana pancakes, blueberry pancakes and just plain 'ol yummy pancakes with maple syrup. 

Watching Ryan do what he home
Ryan is almost done with the filming and is presently working on teaser trailers. I love when he invites me into his office to show me his work. From what I have seen already, this film is going to be amazing (maybe I am a little biased).
We are so spoiled to have him working from home. We really notice it with Baby Goo, he could take either of us when he's fussy.

Oatmeal with yogurt and fruit
When I discovered that I could put the oatmeal in milk overnight and I would have soft, ready-to-eat oatmeal, it became my regular breakfast meal. I often add Greek yogurt, fresh fruit and/or honey. Yum!

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