Friday, 26 April 2013

Today, I like my milk brown

Okay, confession time.  I think I tried to eat every unhealthy thing in my house today.  Okay, I managed to scarf down some carrots...but other than that, it was a sad day for my body.  I didn't even want my milk white; it had to be brown.  Even now, I am taking inventory of the leftover Easter candy on the top shelf of the pantry.  It's one day.  When I go to bed at night and I just don't feel right, I will remember why I don't do that very often.  

I wanted to share some great recipes that I tried out from Pinterest this week.  I am not one to make lasagna but I found a slow cooker recipe that was so easy.  Everyone who ate it was very impressed so  this recipe is a keeper.  I found it on a website that six sisters put together to share recipes and information with each other. Could you imagine having five sisters!!! (I can't because I have never even had one.)  Who would even have time for friends?!  They have many fantastic recipes on their site, so check it out: Six Sisters Stuff

Molly, from Urban Nester pinned a great oatmeal and berry casserole.  She has it as gluten free but we just used regular oatmeal.  We didn't make it for breakfast either.  The two boys and I made it in the morning and enjoyed it for lunch (breakfast foods are much too good to just have at breakfast time).  I would recommend this for a brunch potluck.  

Did you know Mother's Day was coming up quickly?  Some of you may be counting down the days until you get that spa package you have been hinting about and some of you may be like me, totally oblivious to the day and then send a text with a picture of your mom's card to her so that she can get it on time.....okay, most of you are probably not like me (my poor mom).  This year I am resolving to remember.  Can someone remind me to send my mom a card this week? (not you Mom, that would be like the time you called me on your birthday to tell me it was your birthday....yeesh!) 

My dear friend Karina of Oohlala Photography is holding Mother's Day mini sessions in the Calgary area next week.  What a great idea for a Mother's Day gift or just a special keepsake.  In a couple of weeks I am going to have her give us tips on how to get the most out of your family photo shoot.  She has been doing our families photos since I was pregnant with our first born, and she just keeps getting better and wiser.  I know you will learn a lot from her.  If you are in the Calgary area and looking for a mini session-type photo shoot, give her a call. There are a few openings left. 

Tomorrow our family is headed to a funeral of Ryan's uncle, who died two weeks ago.  Sadly, its on the first anniversary of the death of Ryan's cousin.  It has been a deep and introspective week for our home.  How was your week?  Is there anything I can pray for?  Feel free to send a request.  
Bless you friend.  Talk to you soon. 

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