Wednesday, 24 April 2013

From boys to men: reposted

Since I was 5, I have loved boys.  I was a boy-crazy teenager, a serial dating college girl and a woman with a tonne-o baggage in my 20's.  God has done a lot of healing and restoring and has now blessed me with a group of boys to love well without baggage.  
I am grateful to have sons. I really couldn't see it any other way.  When I had my first son, I asked The Lord to help us to raise him to be a man of integrity, purity and character; a man of God.  I especially desire to raise boys who will know God's purpose for sex and that they would recognize the counterfeit.  My prayer is that they would truly have Jesus' heart for women and men and sexuality and that anything that is not good and pure would grieve their hearts.

My boys are 4, 2 and 5 months and I have already begun the fight.  When walking through the mall we came upon huge posters of lingerie models in poses that made me blush.  They are clearly NOT selling just underwear! I noticed Munch looking and said, "Buddy, what is that Mommy doing without her clothes on?  Could you imagine if I walked around the mall in just my underwear?" He looked horrified.  While I had his attention I explained that that is not the way God made women to be, to be showing their private parts out in public.   We talked about how God made girls beautiful but those posters made God sad because that is not what he had in mind for them.  We left it at that.  
Then I prayed.  Since then I have actually seen two incidences where Munch has turned his face from pictures where a woman was provocatively dressed.  I did not tell him to turn his face, he did that on his own. When I asked about it he told me that he did not like to see girls that way.  Wow!!  (I pray that once he gets teenaged hormones, he will do the same.) 
What do we do? It is everywhere! The battle for our boys' minds and hearts is fierce! I know I cannot lock my boys up so I must model and teach God's truth so that they can approach the topic prepared and equipped. I pray that they will have self-control and patience to wait for God's perfect timing.  I pray that they will treat girls and women with the same love and respect that Jesus did.  I pray that they will spur other men on to integrity and purity so that the women of their generation will have many good choices for husbands.  The battle for our boys is fierce but this Momma's gonna fight!! Watch out Goliath, you come with a sword, a spear and a javelin but I come in the name of The Lord! 


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