Sunday, 7 April 2013

It's a Good Morning

I have an exercise for you.  Lets start the week out right.  Put on the coffee/tea and while its brewing/steeping, play this song and make it your anthem.  Sing your heart out, dance your face off and have fun.  Whenever I hear this song I cannot help but feel hopeful and happy.  Enjoy! 
...don't forget to turn it up! 

-Mandisa, Sparrow Records 

Wondering where the Pinterest Best Activity? Here is some ideas for those friends who have the busy toddler.  I haven't had many ideas for the 12-24 month old so this is just for you.  I am sure Bubblegum could still enjoy them but I think they will most likely be filed away for Baby Goo.
This is a toddler's fine motor skill activity from Wives Unscripted.  One of those great activities that contains everything you will find your home on any given day.
 This one I actually did with the boys and their 10 year old nephew when I was trying to get their minds off of technology.  To make it more interesting for the older ones I timed them while they raced the track.  This one is from Activity Mom.

I said I was going to recite chapters 1 and 2 from Ephesians this week. Let me tell you, I have been working hard and I am almost there...with chapter one.  I forgot how much I struggle with Paul's writing.  In chapter one, he basically says the same thing over and over in different ways in a ridiculously long run-on sentence.  So difficult. Seriously, check it out. What he is saying is profound and beautiful, it's just really...hard to memorize. Ephesians 1.  I have memorized whole theatrical scripts more easily.  I am hoping I can be ready in two more days.
Okay now, lets go dance!  It's a good morning!

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