Saturday, 5 January 2013

If you like the song then dance

I am thinking a Pinterest Best Activity once a day is bit too much to keep up with so we will make it once a week. Comments? If you would like it daily, just let me know.
Stay tuned for an interview with my friend and sleep consultant, Michelle Todd of Whisper Sweet Sleep Consulting.  I will be asking her how to help my 4 month old go down for bedtime well....and maybe see if she has help for the 2 year old as well! 

Can you believe it was so nice out and I did not feel like going outside today? But I did....and I liked it. We made a fort and it was awesome! Felt fresh and energized after too.  Get outside this weekend, go for a walk down the street, heck, walk to the end of your driveway, just get out. It really does help.  One last piece of advice I learned from my 2 year old Bubblegum, when you love the song, DANCE!

Have a great weekend!

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