Thursday, 3 January 2013


So, I have attempted to start a blog many times not sure of what my topics would be. I always felt a little self-centered writing about the things I thought were important.  However, since becoming a mom and especially a mom of 3, I have found a lot of great advice, encouragement and fun topics that I love to share with those who are in similar life situations.  I was posting a lot to Facebook but now have decided to create a place where moms could visit to get a pick me up, virtual hug or piece of wisdom.
I would not call myself a natural mom. My dear mom and mother-in-law would tell me not to be so hard on myself but honestly, it has never come easy. Even after 3 kids, I still feel like I am a babysitter trying to figure these kids out until the "real" parent returns.  My 4 month old is whaling and my husband asks, "Is he hungry."  I huff as I think, "How am I supposed to know??"
I take this job very seriously though and want to do the best that I can while I have influence over these children.  I feel honoured to have 3 boys and want to raise real men that will one day make wonderful husbands, God willing, loving dads and generous citizens of society.  As a Jesus follower, I want to show my boys that God is real and active and relevant.  For this, comes much prayer, tears, hard work and humbling of myself.  Join me as I collect stories, words of wisdom and memories while raising a family not-so-naturally.

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