Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Near death

We visited some friends who had a baby in November.  We had not seen or talked to them since the Summer and had just heard that they had their baby.  We did not know they she had almost died.  Their story was inspiring and challenging.
There was no indication of problems in her pregnancy. She was considered low risk.  She went in for a c-section and then there world flipped upside down. 
She lost 60 pints of blood, went into cardiac arrest and the doctors thought this was it for her.  After being with her for 4 hours, all they could tell her husband was that his wife might die.  He prayed and prayed.  They finally stabilized her and she was moved into intensive care for 5 days. 
She said that in the moments she was near death, she wasn't thinking about her kids, her house, her car or wasn't even aware she had a baby. She said all there was was her and God.  She told me she was thankful for God's second chance.  She said "this world is just vanity, none of it matters."  She told me, "Just serve The Lord, Angela.  That's all that matters.  In the end it is just you and Him. People will either go to Heaven or Hell.  This world is just vanity."  
The doctors were flabbergasted that she lived through this ordeal.  The one doctor said he had practicing for 22 years and never seen anything that bad.  He said, "Are you Christians because there must have been some divine intervention."  Our friend was quick to give all glory to God.  She told him that The Lord spared her life because there was more work for her to do here.  She was expressively thankful.  "All glory to God; He is my redeemer and sustainer."  She was obviously transformed by this experienced and after hearing it from her, so was I.  
Her husband told us that while meditating on all that happened, God told him, "Tell people to give thanks for unanswered prayers." You see, they prayed so hard that she would be able to have a natural birth.  If they would have had Gabriel naturally, she would have died for sure.  This was a traumatic experience but being with these people, you wouldn't know, other than by their words.  They exuded the joy of The Lord.  They believe that God is good and trustworthy and they give him all the glory, even if they don't have all the answers.  Profound.  So profound.  Too profound not to share.  
Blessings to you and your household, today. 

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