Monday, 21 January 2013


I I just typed out a whole post only to have it disappear into nothingness.  Frustrating.  This leaves me wondering if that particular topic was just not meant to be for this time.  So, lets move on.
Ryan is doing an interview for the documentary tomorrow so my parents and I are heading to Costco with the boys.  My mom is a great grocery shopper.  She is a great everything but let's just go with groceries for now.  Tomorrow I am going to have her educate me on what is actually a good deal and what is just more for more.  I will let you know how I fare.
I am learning how to cut costs and get more from little, now that we are living on a humble missionary budget.  Some people amaze me.  There is a blog out there of a woman whose family live on $14,000 a year!!  She has some great posts about grocery shopping once a month only and buying stylish clothes on a budget.  I need women like her to learn from. I am just not good at finding the deals.  I don't have the patience to find that $200 pair of jeans for $20 hiding in the racks at Value Village.  I am the girl who rips out the coupon, goes to the store, buys the product and then returns home realizing I forgot to use the coupon.   I have a lot to learn.  It really is a skill...or maybe a gift.  My one girlfriend is a great shopping companion.  She is a walking flyer/calculator/coupon brandishing/price comparing miracle!  If I could glean a quarter of what she knows, our family would be blessed.  Do you have any neat tricks to save money? I would love to learn from you too.  Please comment on this blog.  I don't think you need to be a member; just sign in as Anonymous (I heard someone was inquiring about that).  I would love to hear from you.
Here is the blog that I mentioned earlier.

About Ryan's interview? It is with a friend who hears the voice of God almost daily. He has amazing and challenging stories about healing the sick, encounters with God's angels and miracles.  Check out the documentary website soon for a sneak peek.


  1. I just scored a pair of GAP jeans that look brand new at Value Village the other day for $7, I was so excited!

  2. See? It's that kind of stuff I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Way to go!